Deli at Pelham Falls

Scope: Branding, Signage, Print, Promotions, Email Campaigns, Social Media, Photography, Website


"Some Make Sandwiches, We Stuff Them!" No truer words could describe this NY style deli that has forever changed the way many in the south think a sandwich should be made. Tasked with branding this deli began with the simple but elegant (and NY influenced) olive that was skewered atop the delicious sandwich for years. Stepping inside the Deli the servers know your name and many times your order; "The usual?" The website has evolved over the years but has maintained the bright red color ( a staple in the restaurant branding industry) and has a large black and white interior picture typical of old-school delicatessens of NY ; a homage to the owner's home state and constant reminder that delicious food knows no boundaries. Going social has brought a new wave of customers that, even with the best marketing, didn't know the Deli at Pelham Falls. Word to the wise --- They fill up quick so get there early!


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