Blue Moon Specialties

Scope: Branding, Packaging, Promotions, Signage, Website


Certified South Carolina Grown produce mixed, bottled and hand-delivered by the creator himself is what started a local spice company that became known as Blue Moon Specialties. They offer a large array of delicious spices, creamy spreads and bbq sauces that’ll leave you begging for more. With flavors ranging from “Hot-to-Not”, Blue Moon’s sauces offer something for every tastebud and all types of dishes. Tasked with designing a logo that encompassed their future plans for product expansion we kept it simple with elements to denote the company’s SC roots as well as their flagship offerings. Packaging design for the sauces and spices required a bit of creativeness to separate Blue Moon from it’s competitors. Showcasing some of the ingredients on the front panel let customers know what flavors to expect from each bottle. The website was kept simple and direct in order to allow for future growth in their product lines as well as to give room for added recipes so customers could expand their culinary skills in their own kitchens using Blue Moon’s sauces, spices and spreads.


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